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The Sun Also Rises

January 31st, 2009

Well it’s a been a few days since I wrote. The single parenthood thing is T-U-F-F, tough! But in my case it came to an end.

My Sugarpotpie made it home. Sporting corn rows in her hair and a tropical tan, no less. Girl went native on us.

There’s no way I can sum up her story and I’m not even going to try, so I’ll be having her sign on for some guest blogging by popular demand. Stay tuned.

As for the boys and me. We survived. The curry stew was kinda the zenith of my culinary endeavors and we quickly reverted to whatever was on sale in the frozen food section. Survival mode by week two. Pathetic.

That is until one of the boys suggested we meet some friends at the Red Iguana. Now I’m only going to say this twice. Red Iguana is the best Mexican food you may ever eat. And I’m not talking about just in whitebread Utah. You’d think that bar is pretty low. But I got two words for you: Mo le’.

Suspend your disbelief that the best Mexican food might actually be in Salt Lake City.

Suspend your disbelief that the best Mexican food might actually be in Salt Lake City.

The boys and I met my brother, Colin, at Snowbird for a perfectly sunny January day. That helped pass the time, but they were all missing Mom pretty badly by the time day 17 rolled around.

L to R: Micah, Jonah and me at Snowbird. The new sticks were all that and a bag of chips.

L to R: Micah, Jonah and me at Snowbird. The new sticks were all that and a bag of chips.

And wouldn’t you know it, the night Sue is coming home several neighbors drop their kids off at our house to play. Now except on this blog, I haven’t told many people that my wife left the country for 17 days with a 28 year-old man who lives around the corner. Most people just can’t wrap their head around why I would consent to that.

So at 6p.m. I get a knock at the door. It’s my neighbors who have a nanny raising their kids. Before even asking if now is a good time for their kid to play, the dad starts thanking me for allowing his boy to “hang out” with my youngest boy, Micah. Ten minutes later another kid shows up unannounced.

That’s fine. Sue’s plane doesn’t land till 11:15p.m. Course the house is a mess and the fridge is empty, so I’ve been planning a trip to the store followed by a cleaning blitz.

Well two hours of three eight year-olds running around raising cain, making my house messier on the 17th day of my wife’s absence starts to fray my nerves. Then dad #1 calls me.

“Hey we got caught up here in Salt Lake and somehow we forgot our boy was at your house. We’re probably only going to be another few hours. Is that okay?” [This is the second time in six months this has happened with this same family. And the thing is, I don't like to be manipulated. At all.]

“My wife is coming home from a 17-day trip to Africa tonight and I’ve got  some errands to run before my boys and I head for the airport to pick her up. So we won’t be here. But your boy is welcome to stay.”

Mom of boy #2 is at my house picking up both uninvited guests in six minutes flat.

I guess nothing quite says I’m not your damn babysitter like the very real threat of leaving their boys alone.

Let’s hope so.

Come back for a trip update and some fun pictures from my wife. Cheers.


  • http://suncrestdug.wordpress.com dug

    the red iguana is truly sublime. they also have a delicious mango enchilada that i can’t resist.

    hey, by the way, is it okay if ian stays with you for a few days?

  • gtb

    Sure, just surprise us and drop Ian off on a Friday night and leave him over the weekend. It’ll be loads of fun. Embarrassing to admit, but it matters a lot whose kid it is. We really would take Ian on a moments notice.

  • hobblecreekpossee

    nice dude slick move with pops, nothing like a house full of extras from the neighborhood when u are at the frayed ends of sanity , i do not have the paciance to get a call before i start tossing out the nabbers . love mex gota try the red.

  • gtb

    We absolutely need to head up to Red Iguana. Then we need to head to the desert for a bike ride. I’m feeling the itch for a change of scenery.