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Seventeen Days in Africa on a Whim

January 7th, 2009

My wife is an unusually generous person. When she was asked to participate in a Christmas home show to benefit a charity called Signs of  Hope International, she eagerly accepted and invited nearly a thousand total strangers to tour our house in full Christmas adornment.

At a party a few days before Christmas, the director of said charity mentioned in passing that he could sure use some additional help on his upcoming trip to Ghana, Africa.

You see, Signs of Hope has marshaled resources working with the Ghanian government and now with the Peace Corps to establish schools for deaf children. But many of the families with a deaf child are either unaware of the opportunity to educate their child for free, or they are too poor to pay the one-way transportation for their child to the boarding school.

On hearing this, my wife says without any hesitation, “I’ll go.”

Well her bags are packed, she's ready to go...

Well her bags are packed, she's ready to go...

Exactly 14 days later, my wife was boarding a plane to Ghana.

That would be this morning to be exact. That is just who she is. And I love her for it.

But this evening as I watched the alpenglow color the south side of Lone Peak from my front porch, I wondered if I was crazy for letting her go. Africa is not famous for stability or its treatment of women.

Now my wife will be traipsing around the bush, going village to village seeking out deaf children to leave their families and join a new boarding school.

“]Come back to me, Sugarpotpie.


  • scott

    You are a very supportive husband. Realizing we all have our own personal journey’s that ultimately make us the great people that we are, I am appreciative of the willingness to support loved-ones with personal and spiritual growth. It is extra tough when a loved-one requires a journey of great distance and possible risk. That said, the rewards are even greater for the journey person and (in this case) her family–ultimately. Oh, the pride your kids must have of their mom.

  • Dani

    Sue is so wonderful! You’ll have to have a guest post from Sugarpot pie herself upon her arrival, so we can hear all about Africa!

  • sugarpotpie

    Shout out to Boston. Congrats on graduating! As you wish… Sugarpotpie will be guest blogging shortly. hope to see you soon and hope to eat some of your cooking even sooner!

  • http://iloveyandex.com Dortcorse

    Thank you!