It has been two weeks as of yesterday since I fractured two ribs. By 5:30 a.m. tomorrow, it will be two full weeks since those fractured ribs became totally broken ribs. The fractures were caused by a slow speed but awkward get-off of my motorcycle. The breaks came a day and a half later, from a seemingly innocent deep breath while simultaneously trying to sit up in bed.

The ribs cracked so loud it woke my wife up from a deep sleep.

Ever since then I reach back every hour or so to discover if the bones are protruding, as they feel, out of my back. And every time I am surprised to find a little swelling, but alas, no bones poking out.

I’m hoping tomorrow is the day I stop feeling  back there every 60 minutes or so, because the pain when I breathe, cough or laugh diminishes substantially.