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Lightning Does Strike Twice…

June 7th, 2009

Over a month after my oldest son got his driver’s license, I finally found the right car–a sweet silver Mini Cooper–and bought it. Not for him, of course. For me.

I had been saving my incredibly reliable nine-year-old Nissan Frontier for him and his little brother to share. That truck had just crossed over the 100K mile mark and had never required anything but an oil change.

Old Faithful and Sugarpotpie on an early spring kayak scouting trip on the Strawberry River.

Old Faithful and Sugarpotpie on an early spring kayak scouting trip on the Strawberry River.

Here is a brief and totally incomplete list of some of the more interesting places that truck had taken us over the years:

  • Mt. Hood, all over it for skiing, fishing, kayaking
  • Eddieville, the Euro-style grand prix MX track in Washington
  • Four National MXs at Washougal, Washington
  • Kayaking trips to Idaho, Washington, Utah
  • Pulled my home-built dory to the put-in on Deso Canyon of the Green River
  • Moab x 10
  • Fishlake and Capitol Reef
  • Caineville and Sideplate Alley
  • Snowbird and Alta, I don’t know, like a hundred times at least

Well, you get the idea. That truck had taken us there and back for the last nine years.

So day one of having my new Mini Cooper to commute to work in, we decide to let our oldest drive himself to school in the truck. He goes at 6:30 am, so we were thrilled to get out of the carpool business. And day one of driving home ended in an accident that totalled the truck.

Poor kid. We’ve all been there. But to have it happen on day one of driving yourself to school just seemed cruel.

Fast forward three weeks. No truck anymore, and still waiting for the insurance payout.

Same son’s report card came in for his sophomore year. All A’s except in Algebra 2, where he ended with a solid B. The kid has been doing what he can for penance: working hard in the yard, helping in the house, and beating the bushes daily for a summer job. Apparently all the dads and moms are taking the typical kids jobs this year.

So when he asks if he can drive to a party a mile from our house, I’m thinking it’s time for him to get back in the saddle.

“Go ahead and take the Mini. Just be extra careful.”

Famous last words. If anyone spots a deer with a really bad headache and the some shattered glass and mirror parts stuck in its hide, please call me. Pictures coming tomorrow.


  • http://bradkeyes.wordpress.com bradk

    The kid needs a good ass whoopin’ if you ask me.

  • sugarpotpie

    Believe you me, I just about gave him one. Thanks for the comment Brad. Hope you’re doing well.

  • ricky

    I was beginning to think we lost you here, kid. Good to have you back. Brad, Elden, Dug, Bobby, can I can get you to gather’ound…

    All good things must come to an end. Sorry about your truck. It can be replaced. So glad the boy’s ok.

  • hobblecreekpossee

    yes !!! i love to here about a good car crash especially when every one is ok. did i mention i do body and paint work ? :) as i recall ive made a few road trips in that truck as well . G. remember almost killing us passing that diesel. kayaking trip to idaho.?

  • El Zorro

    Yeah, but the kid does know how to flambe a sweet creme brulee!

  • River Rat 100

    Sounds like my first adventure “STEALING” my dad’s old Chevy Luv Truck while he was at the BYU night game. (I was 14). Had 5 people in the Cab and 10 in the bed. Slammed on the break and one of the innocent victims in the Cab cracked the windshield with his head. I quickly got rid of all the misfits in the truck, went home, parked the truck outside the garage (where it usually is parked) and then egged the windshield until it looked like some of the sherwood hills gang had thrown eggs at the windshield and broken it. It was 9:30pm and I was sure he wouldn’t see it until the next morning. About 4am, I woke up feeling guilty that I was trying to deceive my dad (I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have a conscience). Anyway, the guilt got to me so I went outside at 4am and scrubbed the windshield clean of any egg debris. Went back upstairs knowing that I was going to get some serious punishment when my Dad saw the broken windshield and heard the truth of how I had taken the truck for a joyride.

    9am: RYAN, RYAN WHAT THE HELL!!! I woke up, went downstairs ready to admit my wrongdoing, when he yelled. DAMNIT Ryan, when were you going to tell me about this!! “Dad, I….” Damnit, I’ve told you a thousand times not to play basketball out here when there are cars parked in the driveway. My Conscience tried to get me to tell the truth, but luckily I was able to mute the “still small voice” and I muttered “I know dad, I’m sorry, I was just trying to practice so I could make the high school team” I did feel guilty for lying for a couple minutes, but then quickly realized that I was a freaking Genius! Instead of grounding me and being upset, he was proud of me for trying to get better so I could try out for the B-Ball team.

  • sugarpotpie

    What a great story. Thanks Ryan. How about doing a guest blog for me?