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Enter the Dragon

January 4th, 2009

The 2009 AMA Supercross season kicks off in just two hours. This one’s big for a number of reasons.

1. James Stewart is 100% healthy and ready to take back his crown from Mr. Reed. He’s riding the new Yamaha, sporting all new sponsors from boots to helment to unhealthy energy drink, and he’s motivated to show his new backers the money.

Green or blue, Stewart's going to be nothing but a blur to his competition this year.

Green or blue, Stewart's going to be nothing but a blur to his competition this year.

2. Chad Reed has been racing SX in his upstart series in Australia right up through late fall. While everyone else has been training, Reed has been racing. That’s absolutely an edge in his favor. What’s more, Reed is so over taking second place to Stewart. And he’s more than a little upset that he lost his factory ride at Yamaha to James Stewart. He has much to prove on his new Suzuki and he’s better prepared than he’s ever been for the opener at Anaheim.

3. Up to now, this is interesting stuff but it’s similar to what we’ve seen going into the last two seasons. So here’s where things get really interesting. “RV Park” himself is stepping up to the bigs. Ryan Villopoto, the redhead from Poulsbo, WA, who decimated the field in the Lites class will race his first-ever contest on the big green bike. Win, lose or draw, I think he is going to change the game in the Supercross class, beginning tonight. By the way, he’s riding Stewart’s old bike and I think that is bugging Bubba more than he’s let on. Expect some rough passing to welcome RV to the big boy’s class.

Villopoto scrubbing it at "Shougal." Photo: Steve Cox

Villopoto scrubbing it at "Shougal." Photo: Steve Cox

My pick for the Supercross class: James Stewart. He really is that much better than everyone else.

As for the Lites, expect JLaw to look to make a statement after his suspension. But more than six months of no racing will not likely be overcome with sheer enthusiasm and raw talent alone. My pick for the overall win is Ryan Dungey.

Put your mouthguard in. This is going to get rough before it’s over.


  • CRB

    Go Reed!

    Go Dungey and Dragons!

  • http://www.safesidewalks.com Aaron Ollivier

    Hey Gar,

    Nice BLOG man, good to see it up and live! The re-cap for 2008 was oh so sweet and I am excited to see what 2009 brings.

    So really, did you get first tracks today in Mineral Basin with today’s new storm of 13 inches? Please say it is true my friend…and that you enjoyed every turn!

  • SFB

    Jason Lawrence took out Trey Canard by trying to ride over his head. Too bad for the kid from OK. Canard is not going to forget that, and he’s faster than JLaw. Payback’s a beeatch.

  • sugarpotpie

    We did get first tracks in Mineral on Saturday. There was a slight wind crust on top, but it was so bloody light underneath that you’d drop all the way to the previous base (at the top it was about 15-18″ worth of fresh!). So not to be a snow snob, but it was just south of perfect. Even so, next time you gots to come.

  • http://suncrestdug.wordpress.com dug

    g, you dog. you never call, you don’t write.

    I was standing at the rope at mineral saturday, with sunderlage, when they dropped it. would have loved to have done it with YOU.

    it was pretty wind hammered at the top, but on the next two runs, we traversed toward baldy, and just where hikers start hiking, we dropped there,and it was much sweeter.

    when will you come do pole line with me? or the meadow chutes? was up there this morning. awesome.

  • River Rat 100

    Are you going White Trash on me? Really, MotoCross??