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Do Not Click the Link Below!

January 10th, 2009

If you like ski gear and have any tendency toward addictive behavior, please do not go here:


If you need the latest mountain gear and cannot resist a great deal, absolutely do not frequent this site:


If mtn biking is your thing and you find it hard to show up at the trailhead wearing last year’s hot jersey, riding a bike that weighs over 25 lbs, please do not even consider bookmarking this URL:


My wife heads out of town for 17 days and look what happens.

Yeah Sugar, I know I already have three pairs of skis, but these are for powder days and they were a crazy good deal.

Yeah Sugar, I know I already have three pairs of skis, but these are for powder days and they were a crazy good deal.

You wanna see what good web marketing looks like, go ahead and go to Tramdock.com. They take one item at at a time and sell it at at least half price for 25 minutes. Then they rotate in a new item. That’s like floating a wounded minnow in front of giant lake trout. It triggers a primordial response that the fish simply cannot suppress.

When I first saw these skis with the throwback ’80s graphics, I thought I could resist. But then I remembered the original pair of Dynastar Course I owned and the footloose and fancy-free era of my life they represented. (I skied on the original Course at my bachelor party, circa 1989!)

As the sale timer wound down to 2 minutes to go, that primordial response became irresistible. Then it was a mad rush to beat the clock.

As you can see, Tramdock got me hook, line and sinker, as they say. And I have removed their URL from my list of Favorites because I cannot be trusted with time-sensitive deals on gear this good.

But I cannot wait to try these fatties out on a powder day. More on that later.


  • http://suncrestdug.wordpress.com dug

    i thought the dynastar course was a race ski. no? what are the dimensions?

    seriously. can we stop skiing snowbird at the same time but not together? please.

    ask me about the quarter pipe i just built in my backyard for the boys. i have a feeling your boys (and you) just might like it.

  • sugarpotpie

    Off the top of my head: 124 – 91 – 120 are dimensions on this version of the Course. Yes the originals were their race model. I had a pair of 200cm GS cut that were my powder ski of choice in those days.

    Hey, I am so ready to come to your house for a session in the pipe… and to meet up at the Bird. I actually saw you and Ian driving out of the parking lot over the holidays.

  • CRB

    You totally cannot be trusted when your sugar is away!

  • ricky

    hey, g, thanks for the blog-warming party invite. preciate that very much.

    had no idea the little dove was gone. africa? wow, that’s far away. tonight the boys and i experienced the culinary delights of ihop. ihop as in the international house of pancakes, not those internets. i thought i would introduce them to the world of fine dining while our little dove is away in san diego. we would have enjoyed your company. we could have shared single parenthood tips.

    what’s it going to take to get supercross back to slc?

    i wish you would put those pix of spencer away. they’re sick.

  • sugarpotpie

    Rickay, we need to talk a bit more. We would have loved to join you at the IHOP. And mark April 25 on your calendar. SX will be at Rice Eccles Stadium that day. Clean up the boys and we’ll meet up at Red Iguana beforehand.Yes?

  • http://www.google.com Kelly Brown

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