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Redneck Rampage

Look, I’ve spent my whole life bouncing from city to country and back to the city. And though I could write a book about the good traits that I do not possess, adaptability would never be one of the chapters. Being able to quickly adjust to my surroundings has always been my strong suit. So when I moved as a kid from Denver, Colorado, where I went to school and hung out with the Coors kids (hey Brad, hey Holly!) to the small Southern Utah town of Richfield, I quickly…

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Lightning Does Strike Twice…

Over a month after my oldest son got his driver’s license, I finally found the right car–a sweet silver Mini Cooper–and bought it. Not for him, of course. For me. I had been saving my incredibly reliable nine-year-old Nissan Frontier for him and his little brother to share. That truck had just crossed over the 100K mile mark and had never required anything but an oil change. Here is a brief and totally incomplete list of some of the more interesting places…

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Black Hiawatha

      Gary wasn’t surprised when I called him from JFK and said, “I’m a different person, and I’m going back to Africa.” He said, “I figured you’d say that.” Let me give you the details. I worked in a deaf school, for a charity called Signs of Hope. No, I don’t sign well, but I know enough to get by. Mostly I just played with the kids, painted the school, and helped them pump water. The hardest part…

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