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Strategic Long-Range Planting

Last week I got the high honor of being asked to join a SLRP (pronounced “slurp”) team at work. SLRP stands for strategic long-range planning, and it happens in August every year where I work. The concept is to build a small team with delegates from each of the relevant disciplines based on the topic. Our group includes reps from engineering, IT, operations and me from marketing. The point is to go off, usually during what should have been your lunch hour, and determine what the company must…

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Unfair Doesn’t Begin to Describe It

Tonight my good friend and neighbor lost his wife. It was anything but sudden. She has been  battling cancer for multiple years. Hyperbole seems inappropriate so I will state some simple truths. Susan Nelson was a mother, a wife, a neighbor and possibly the most resilient person I will ever know.  I mean that in the tenderst way I can express my sheer admiration for a life well lived. And one more thing. She had become one of my wife’s best friends. Susan took everything that cancer…

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Open Source MX Track

Open source software represents everything that is good about technology culture. The concept is simple and oh-so-democratic: Someone starts a thread of software code that will do something useful, like provide an alternate operating system, for example. Then they put their work out there in the public domain and invite like-minded folks to add on to it to increase its capabilities in new areas that contribute to the original utility. Some amazing applications are emerging from this open source model.…

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