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What I Know for Sure

Saturday morning Spencer and I left early. He was off to take a practice ACT test (remember college entrance tests). And since his testing center was near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, I was off to Snowbird to pick up my season pass. I got my pass quickly enough and was planning to head back down the canyon to my office, where I needed to catch up on a bunch of things. But it was one of those perfect fall…

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Smell is the Strongest Sense

There are some smells that are so interwoven with memories of place and people that even just a whiff can bring back vivid recollections of moments. The sweet, fermented smell of summer rain on sagebrush in August, the distinct fragrance of a cottonwood tree, the aroma of my mom’s chocolate chip cookies wafting through the house on Sunday night–all scents that are peppered with the joy and freedom from my youth, growing up half wild in Southern Utah. Drove by my old…

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Fifteen years ago, in the same week that my middle son, Johah, was born, a good friend of mine drove to Colorado with a combined wad of our hard-earned cash and bought us both complete whitewater kayaking setups. We loved running rivers and we had both guided professionally, but we knew precious little about how to kayak. That friend was Ryan Ollivier, AKA, Tuna. How he got that nickname is another story entirely. We got all of one easy run in that…

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