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Add to Your Abbey Collection

October 25th, 2009

When I was writing my master’s thesis on Edward Abbey and HD Thoreau, I prided myself on sleuthing around to find every book, every interview, even every audiotape Abbey had ever done. There is something special about hearing the unorthodox cadence and kindly nature of Ed’s voice reading “Dead Man at Grandview Point.”

A few years later, my mom bought me a signed copy of The Journey Home at a garage sale, which I cherish.

Hickman Natural Bridge in Capitol Reef National Park. Abbey loved this area.

Hickman Natural Bridge in Capitol Reef National Park. Abbey loved this area.

Now here’s one for the serious collector. Edward Abbey’s former home in Moab is for sale. The same home where he wrote The Monkey Wrench Gang.

The four bedroom, two bath 2,800 square foot house sits on 1.41 acres just south of town at 2240 Spanish Valley Road. You’ll need just $290,000 (hello!). Abbey bought the house for $26,000 in 1974 and later sold it for $40,000 in 1978, long before Moab was discovered by the upwardly mobile mountain biking masses.


  • Tunacat

    Does the house come with instructions on how to dismantle large earth movers?

  • hobblecreek possee

    monkey is the only book i have by abbey but also read desert soliter i liked everything but the slam on the lds.church ;)

  • http://www.aaronollivier.com UTteleskier

    I typically find that it’s necessary to throw empty beer cans while driving through the desert in an open-air Jeep just like Abbey once did. I think it enhances the desolate landscape.

    I’d buy Abbey’s house, if it were littered with beer cans…

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