Hi. I’m Gary Brown. This is my blog…

I grew up in God’s country. A little bit of Colorado and a lot of Southern Utah. I wrote my Master’s thesis on Edward Abbey and H.D. Thoreau because I related deeply to the way they feel about their respective geographic centers and the way they felt about wildness and its importance to the world. Edward Abbey’s geographic center was pretty darn close to my own. I’ve since lived in Northern California, Boise, ID, and Portland, OR. Some mighty fine places. But my Utah home kept calling me back.

Petrified sand with Juniper. Capitol Reef N.P., 2008

Petrified sand and pinon pine trying to make a living in Capitol Reef N.P., 2008

I have a wife and three boys and today we live so close to some of the best rock climbing in the world that I feel embarassed I haven’t climbed seriously in years. These days I enjoy riding my mtn bike right out of my driveway to Lambert Park, Hog Hollow or Corner Canyon. We live just over the mountain from Snowbird and Alta and spend our winter weekends there. I’m a former Salmon River guide and we love to run rivers, particularly in my homebuilt wooden dory.

The "Cottonwood Canyon" in front of our old house in Portland, OR.

The "Cottonwood Canyon" in front of our old house in Portland, OR.

Oh, and in spite of being very green in my politics and lifestyle, I have a life-long love affair with dirt bikes and the sport of motocross.

On the pipe at Kactusland track, RIP.

On the pipe at Kactusland track, RIP.

I work… a lot… for a technology company that has as much to do with hastening the Internet age as anyone. I run a large global website for said company and as such I’m supposed to be somewhat of an expert in all things web. I faithfully read a number of blogs on a regular basis and I just thought it was time I did my own. Let me know what you think some time.



  • sugarpotpie

    It’s about time you start publishing! I’m going to miss this track.

  • River Rat 100

    I really miss your writings. Ever find the story about our Muddy Creek adventure?

  • Cliff Stewart

    Hi Gary,

    I think if we lived close by we’d be great friends!! Also love outdoors, am as green as can be and have a passion for MX that borders on obsession!

    I am busy starting a non-profit http://www.asmallstart.org and am in very early stages of building content on the website. I was wondering if I could use some of your wifes pics from ghana. They will only be used in collage. Specifically the one of the girl carrying water. http://sugarpotpie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/gir1.jpg

    Some great pics all over your blog. Well done!!