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It’s Time to Get Excited About Winter

September 15th, 2009

Heads up, friends. The deadline to purchase your Snowbird season passes at significant discount is TODAY. Get ‘em while the getting is good.

What were you doing on this bluebird day last winter?

What were you doing on this bluebird day last winter?

My two oldest boys got their passes and I got mine. Join us for another epic season.


  • http://suncrestdug.wordpress.com dug


    we’ll drop the kids off at the bird, and walk across the road and ski the other side of superior. i like the looks of this winter already.

    hang up your clickers, cash in that bonus, and get yourself some fat bc skis brother.

  • gbrown

    Clearly I need to do that. Was looking at my current fatty resort skis and they are great but heavy as a boat anchor. Great for going down fast, but you’d drop me like a bad habit on the climbs.

    I may need to borrow your setup at first. On the other hand, admit it… you loved that day riding the lift at the Bird last season.


    Amen to that, Who needs a lift!! That’s why god gave you legs!

  • Zubair Ali Sahil

    what a scene..:)
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